Your favorite car deserves the best protection at an affordable price!

Accidents can cause partial or total damage to your car and repairing the damage or replacing the car is costly. stc motor insurance ensures that you don’t pay high costs in case of any minor or major accidents.

We have two plans available; third party plan which is mandatory by law and covers the other vehicle if you have an unfortunate accident. Our comprehensive plan covers third party damage and damage to your own vehicle as well. All stc motor insurance plans comes with customized addons.

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Own Damage

This benefits covers your car in case of accidents, thefts and other incidents.


Third Party Damage

The benefit covers other party's car in case you are involved in an unfortunate accident


No Depreciation Addon

You can save depreciation charges for the parts not covered otherwise


Geographical Extension

You can cover your vehicle throughout GCC with this Addon


Replacement Car

A replacement car will be provided to you in case of loss to your car.


Roadside Assistance

This benefit covers you in case your vehicle is stranded on road


Personal Accident & Natural Death

This benefit pays victim person in case of death and disabilities


Natural Calamities

In case the car is damaged due to flood, storm, etc. the car is covered

How do I buy stc motor insurance?

Provide vehicle information

Select you preferred plan and addon

Provide your information

Make payment and get policy instantly

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How much stc motor insurance costs?

Plan Coverage Starting Premium
Basic Third Party Damage + Personal Accident BHD 67 onwards
Plus Own Damage + Third Party Damage + Personal Accident BHD 120 onwards
Motor Insurance Basic/ Third Party Cover
This insurance is mandatory by law. It covers other vehicle that got damage due to unfortunate accident with your car. This plan comes with personal accident and natural death cover

Motor Insurance Plus/ Comprehensive Cover
This plan covers your vehicle and other party vehicle in case of all covered incidents and accidents. You can choose from a list of 10+ customizable addons based on your needs and preference.

How do I submit a claim?

  • You can contact Solidarity Helpline on 17130000 to raise your claim. You can also submit your claim by emailing You can also visit Solidarity Salmabad office. Building 1405, Road 426, Block 704
  • The Solidarity Customer Care representative will collect the necessary information and guide you through the next steps
  • You will be asked to deliver your car to the preferred workshop at an agreed timing
  • If applicable, You will be asked to pay the required excess fees. The workshop will call you once your vehicle is ready to be collected. Incase of total loss, the insurance company will arrange to reimburse you’re the full amount


Documents required for claim submission

You will be required to provide the following documents for submission of claim

  • Police Report
  • Vehicle Ownership Card
  • CPR
  • Driving License
  • Certificate of Insurance

Insurance company may require additional documents as and when deemed necessary for claim settlement purpose.