Enjoy peace of mind when you buy warranty plans provided by BKIC (GIG Bahrain)*

When you buy eligible devices** from stc shops, they come with one year warranty against defects and faults from the manufacturer, but these defects and faults may appear in second year as well.

Buy warranty add-ons provided by Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Co. for as low as 750 fills per month when you are buying your new device from stc

*Extended Warranty plans are provided by Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Co. T&C apply.

Note: All extended warranty plans purchased before 25th Oct 2022 will continue to be serviced by Solidarity Bahrain.

Eligible Devices**

Smartphones Laptop & PCs
Smartwatches TV
iPad & Tablet Gaming console

Subscribing to warranty plans is simple!

When you buy a new device** from stc store, stc online shop, stc express shops or other channels – the agent will offer you devices** with warranty plans provided by BKIC (GIG Bahrain)*

The warranty plans can be added instantly and hassle free to your order while you purchase the device**

Defect & Faults in Device**? Don’t worry!

  1. Experiencing defect or faults after end of manufacturer warranty? Visit stc service center seef mall within 3 days!
  2. Dedicated agent from BKIC (GIG Bahrain)* will help you fill the claim form and get your signature.
  3. You can handover the device** instantly after removing the password and data or handover the device** later. It is mandatory to handover the device** within 10 days!
  4. After handover is completed, the dedicated agent will arrange for assessment and communicate to you the date or repair/ replacement.
  5. Great News! There is no excess fees to be paid to avail the benefit.
  6. Once the device** is ready, the dedicated agent will contact you again and you can visit stc service center to collect the device**.

In case of any complaint or query, you can contact stc or BKIC (GIG Bahrain)* helpline at anytime.

Let us help you with Important Information!

Below documents will help you better understand your extended warranty policy provided by Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company.

FAQs include most asked questions by existing customers.

Policy wording include details of terms and conditions.

Warranty claim form will be required in case you visit stc service center to submit your claim request at the time of defect or fault in your device**