Drive worry-free with Road Assist plans

Car breakdown, battery discharging, flat-tire & empty fuel tank is a common problem when driving in extreme weather. With Road Assist service provided by Gulf Assist (B.S.C.) Closed, you will have an authorize service provider at your service 24x7x365 in case of emergencies.

Limited time offer: Road Assist for Bahrain for BD 6.6/ year & Road Assist for GCC for BD 9.9/ year.



If your car breaks down on road, representative will visit to fix it on site.



If car can not be fixed on-site, the representative will tow your car to nearest workshop.



If your battery is discharged, representative will charge it back.


Flat Tire

If your tire is punctured, representative will replace it with spare tire.



If your car runs out of fuel. Representative will bring fuel for you.



If you are locked out of your car, representative will open your car door.

** All the above services are provided by Gulf Assist and are subject to terms and conditions.

Buying Road Assist is Simple!

Select your preferred plan

Provide car & owner details

Make Payment

Receive certificate instantly


How much Road Assist will cost me?

Plan Coverage Price
Bahrain Plan Covers throughout Bahrain BD 6.6 /-
GCC Plan Covers across GCC BD 9.9 /-
Bahrain Plan:
This plan is suitable for you if you drive your car in Bahrain only. In case your car breaks down or requires fuel, battery charging, tire replacement – Gulf Assist technician will support you within 1 hour.

GCC Plan:
This plan is suitable for you if your drive your car in Bahrain and across GCC. In case your car breaks down anywhere across GCC or requires fuel, batter charging, tire replacement and other services – Gulf Assist technician will support you within 1 hour.

What are Add-ons?

Whether you select basic plan or plus. The benefits of add-on is only available within Bahrain.

Addon coverage Price
Small Car Replacement in Case of Accident Bahrain BD 8.8/-
Pick up and Delivery for Maintenance and Inspection Bahrain BD 10.8/-
Transportation Services Bahrain BD 7.9/-

Car breakdown? Don’t worry, call for assistance!

If your car breakdowns or you require other road assist services mentioned above or in your certificate. Call below helpline:

  • If you are in Bahrain or Kuwait, call 80001222
  • If you are in Saudi Arabia, call 8008973222
  • If you are in UAE, call 800035702829
  • If you are in Oman, call 24785486
  • If you are in Qatar, call 44320918

Your call will be attended by Gulf Assist representative, who will validate your details and location of breakdown.

Next, an authorized technician will be sent to that place to provide you with services.