Why do I need home insurance?

It can cost a lot of money if the home content is destroyed or damaged due to fire, water damage and burglary incidents. With stc protect home insurance you can be worry-free in case of unfortunate incident and continue living happily.

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Home Insurance Plans

Plan Protect Home Plus Protect Home Basic
Coverage BHD 25,000 BHD 10,000
Premium BD 3.0/month BD 1.5/month
Protect Home Plans covers fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, burglary and impact damage to your home content such as furtniture, appliances and personal belongings etc. Both plans are subject to 10% value added tax (VAT)

What is the excess on submitting claims?

You are required to pay BHD 35 at the time of submitting the claim

How can I submit the claim ?

Simply call 124 or email us at [email protected] to submit your claim. Insurance company will help you settle your claim quickly.