Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance and warranty products are offered by Solidarity and BKIC (GIG Bahrain)*. Assistance services are offered by Gulf Assist.

Repairing and replacing smartphone in case of accidental damage, screen damage, liquid damage, robbery and other covered events can be very costly. Device insurance provided by Solidarity helps you save that money because in case of such events, Solidarity will repair or replace your smartphone.

Device insurance is provided by Solidarity, powered by stc. Solidarity is licensed and regulated by Central Bank of Bahrain as a locally incorporated Takaful firm – category 4.

All smartphone brand offer from stc sales channels are covered in device insurance program.

You can buy the basic screen damage plan for BD 2.75 per month or complete smartphone protection plan for BD 3.25 per month. T&C applied.

You must visit stc service center, seef mall, within 5 working days from the date of damage. According to terms and condition of Solidarity’s device insurance policy, claims submitted after 5 days will be rejected.

1. Report the robbery of your mobile phone to stc within the first 12 hours and instruct them to block the line.

2. Report the robbery of your mobile phone to the Police within 24 hours of the incident. A police report must be obtained.

3. Please visit stc Service Center located in Seef Mall and our representative will facilitate you in initiating the claim and guide you about repairs and/ or replacement.

1. Copy of the Insured Customer identification: CPR, passport.

2. Copy of the Certificate of Insurance.

3. Insurance claim form.

4. In case of Robbery; original copy of the complaint filed with the Police.

5. Payment receipt from the SIM provider of the SIM replacement.

Your device** can experience fault and defects at any time. When this damage occurs during first year, you can claim a manufacturer warranty but if the fault or defect arise after end of manufacturer warranty, then extended warranty helps a lot!

If the fault or defect arise after end of manufacturer warranty, then repairing or replacing the device** can be very costly. Extended warranty plans provided by BKIC (GIG Bahrain)*helps you save that money because in case of such events, BKIC (GIG Bahrain)* will repair or replace your device**.

Extended warranty is provided by BKIC (GIG Bahrain)*, powered by stc. BKIC (GIG Bahrain)* is licensed and regulated by Central Bank of Bahrain as a locally incorporated insurance firm.

Note: All extended warranty plans purchased before 25th Oct 2022 will continue to be serviced by Solidarity Bahrain.

Smartphone, smartwatches, laptop & PC, iPad & Tablet, TV and gaming consoles are covered in extended warranty program.

There is only single add-on available for extended warranty – which extends the warranty for 12 additional months after the end of manufacturer warranty. T&C apply.

You must visit stc service in Seef Mall within 3 days from the date of fault and the dedicated agent appointed from BKIC (GIG Bahrain)* will support you throughout the claim process. For details about claim process, refer to – how to submit claim

1. Copy of CPR and/ or passport

2. Copy of certificate of extended warranty (“Certificate”)

3. Insurance claim form

Road Assist services are provided by Gulf Assist (MapFre Assistance – MapFre Warranty), powered by stc.

Gulf Assist, a MapFre Asistencia company is incorporated in accordance with the laws of Kingdom of Bahrain.

If you have purchased a road assist plan provided by Gulf Assist, they will send an authorized technician if your car breaks down on road and you require on-site or towing services, or flat tire replacement, fuel delivery, battery charging and locksmith services

If you purchase a road assist Bahrain (basic) plan then you are covered in Bahrain only.

But if you want to be covered across GCC then purchasing GCC (plus) plan is more suitable for you.

Usually, authorized technician reaches with 60 minutes from the request.

You make experience minor delays in rush hours.

You can contact below Gulf Assist helpline to avail the service depending upon the country you are located.

  • If you are in Bahrain or Kuwait, call 80001222
  • If you are in Saudi Arabia, call 8008973222
  • If you are in UAE, call 800035702829
  • If you are in Oman, call 24785486
  • If you are in Qatar, call 44320918

To drive car in Bahrain, it is mandated by law to at least buy a third-party car insurance. However, keeping in view that damage repairs are costly for your own car too, vehicle owners buy comprehensive car insurance to enjoy complete peace of mind.​

Car insurance is provided by Solidarity, powered by stc. Solidarity is licensed and regulated by Central Bank of Bahrain as a locally incorporated Takaful firm – category 4. STC is as an appointed representative of Solidarity which allows STC to help you buy car insurance from Solidarity using this website. ​

Simply visit get a car insurance quote, provide your car details and in less than 1 minute we will share the quotation received from Solidarity with you. Generating quotation and comparing plans is absolutely free. You can also receive the quotation on your email for future use.

You can buy the mandatory third-party policy starting from BD 53* or buy the most recommended comprehensive car insurance starting from BD 120*. T&C applied. ​

You can pay for the car insurance provided by Solidarity using your debit or credit card. Also, you can pay using your stc postpaid line.​

Yes. You can enjoy up to 10% discount on selected plans using discount code “stc10” and you can also get comprehensive plan ​

Upon completion of the payment, your car insurance policy received by Solidarity will be emailed to you.​

You can contact Solidarity Helpline on 17130000 to raise your claim. You can also submit your claim by emailing [email protected]. You can also visit Solidarity Salmabad office. Building 1405, Road 426, Block 704​

You can call Insurance company customer care at 17130000 or stc customer care at 124.