What is stc protect Home Assistance?

stc protect home assistance covers emergency breakdown and maintenance needs of your house.

Home Assistance plans cover your emergency electrical, plumbing, glazing and locksmith needs 24 hours a day for full year

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Emergency Plumbing Assistance

Authorized service provider will be at your service if you face blockade or assistance in fitting, repairing taps or leakage.


Emergency Electrical Assistance

We fix whether it’s a complete power failure or breakdown with wiring, fuse box, switch or socket.


Emergency Locksmith Assistance

We assist you in case you require fixing of any locks which requires assistance.


Emergency Glazing Assistance

Service provider will attend your window glazing issues due to accidents.

How do I Buy stc protect home assistance?

Select Home Location

Select your preferred plan and add-on

Provide home address and your contact information

Make payment and you're done

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How much stc protect home assistance costs?

Plan Coverage Price
Basic Residential Premises BD 4.9/-
Home Assistance Basic:
This plan covers you in case you meet an emergency regarding electrical, plumbing, glazing or locksmith services. *This plan only covers emergencies

How to submit service request?

24 x 7 x 365, Emergency requests

Simply call Home Assistance helpline

Bahrain:   80001712 /17576642

Provide your unique identifier, home address and CPR/Passport No.

Provide the location of incident

Assistance Technician will visit the place of incident to provide you with the services