How to manage insurance and warranty?

How to manage insurance and warranty?

You can manage your stc protect Travel Insurance policy using stc protect My Dashboard or sending email directly to insurance company at

Updating Your Policy

You can update your contact information using stc protect My Dashboard at any time, cancel and buy an upgraded policy with full refund on cancelled policy before travel or seeking benefits of it.

Extending Policy Duration

You can extend the policy duration subject to no claims on that policy

Submit a Claim

You can initiate a self-service claim request and receive payments

Initiate a Cancellation

You can initiate a request to cancel the policy using stc Protect

How can I manage device insurance?

During the insurance contract period if you need any assistance pertaining to policy, premium or other details, simply reach out to stc helpline, stc shops or email us at

How to manage stc roadside assistance

You can manage your stc roadside assistance service using my dashboard.

View Your Service Information

At any time you can view all information regarding your plan benefits and coverage information simply by logging to stc my dashboard

Download Certificate of Service

You can also download your certificate of service and tax invoice from your dashboard at any time Submit a Claim

You can submit a claim by calling Roadside Assistance helpline

Bahrain: 80001222
Kuwait: 80001222
KSA: 8008973222
UAE: 800035702829
Oman: 24785486

How can I manage car insurance?

Once you complete the payment, you will receive the car insurance policy provided by Solidarity on email.

If in case you missed the policy, you can contact stc helpline or email us at

For claims, you can contact Solidarity helpline 17130000 or email them at